Wednesday, 28 February 2007

a walk in the park

That's what people told me a second pregnancy would be like. I don't think I ever got to clarify whether they meant it was like a walk in the park on a lovely sunny day when you're on your own, or a walk in the park on a rainy day, running after a four-year-old who insists on jumping into every puddle he sees and going in a direction completely opposite to where you would like to go (which is pretty much what a typical walk in the park is for me these days). Because that's what this pregnancy is like—it's tiring and constantly throwing me off with its demands on my body and emotions.

I stopped baking after I did the Valentine's Day chocolate cupcakes as I have been in a lot of pain these days. Simon has taken over my role as house chef for the time being. He has been making American pancakes every weekend for months now, and last Sunday, some of our friends came over to try his pancakes. So we had a very late breakfast at 11 o'clock, but the pancakes were worth the wait. We tried all sorts of things with them, from strawberry conserve to peanut butter (a rather adventurous friend did this, and he seemed to enjoy it). Such a shame we didn't get to take pictures as we were too busy gobbling up the food. Lucas and his little friend Jacob both ate their cakes with maple syrup and lemon juice and then proceeded to wreak havoc in the lounge. Chef Simon was showered with compliments by our guests, and came down with the flu a few hours later. Sigh.

Anyway, I managed to take a picture of the last chocolate cupcake before it was consumed. It was not the prettiest of the lot, but it was just as yummy.

And here it is, with my latest bedside reading (and doing) companion, along with The Complete Maus (which is more like a reading and weeping companion). This one I had to order from Amazon, as I couldn't find it in any of the Cambridgeshire libraries. Maus, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise as I never expected to find it in my local library. But there it was, sitting in a corner along with some other less noteworthy graphic novels. I love going to the library. I also managed to find a copy of T.C. Boyle's collected stories in the library sale and got it for a measly 30 pence. Have I said I love going to the library?

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