Friday, 16 March 2007

the long wait

I get the feeling that my life of late has been filled with waiting. There are the antenatal checkups and visits to the doctor that are supposed to last less than ten minutes, but somehow I always end up waiting for an hour to be seen. I have started taking my own magazines to the surgery, as I have read all their Country Living magazines already.

Then there was the annoying wait for the inital phone consultation with a physiotherapist, after I phoned the hospital to say that I have SPD and need to be seen as quickly as possible. After three days of waiting in agony, I phoned the hospital again, only to find out that the person who took my details did not write down that I'm pregnant and have SPD. I got fitted with my pelvic brace two days later.

When I went back to the office this week, I asked to be allowed to work from home so I won't have to travel every day as this is aggravating my condition. I was told that there would have to be a risk assessment first to be conducted by the HR head, and I had to wait until Thursday before that could be set up. Well, we were supposed to have the meeting yesterday morning, but Simon had to rush me to the surgery at 10 because I was in so much pain, and just couldn't take it anymore. Something that could have been avoided if my risk assessment took place a lot earlier and I had been allowed to work from home this week.

Which is what I ended up doing today. Except that because I'm still waiting for the IT department to set up my work PC so I can access it from home, I can't really do much here. And that means I'll definitely have to go back to work on Monday, regardless of how I'm feeling, just so my remote access can be sorted out. The frustration is enough to make me want to tear my hair out, but I try and sit calmly at my desk instead, waiting for Bump to perform her normal routine of kicks, punches and hiccups.

I also had a delicious lunch to comfort me. Simon cooked this last night, and made plenty enough for me to have for lunch today as well. He was wonderfully attentive yesterday, after seeing me so distressed in the office. He made me stay in bed all afternoon after my doctor's appointment, and would rush upstairs every time he heard me get up, to make sure that I wasn't doing anything strenuous. He made me cups of tea and served me shortbread fingers and jaffa cakes, picked Lucas up and made his dinner, cooked our dinner, and gave Lucas a bath in the candlelit bathroom, which the boy absolutely loved.

Plus, my plant catalogues have arrived, so I'm enjoying perusing pages and pages of lovely flowers and vegetables, while having a bowl of fruit (my way of making up for all the chocolates I've been eating).

Come to think of it, I don't mind days like this, peppered with pauses that I can fill with things that make me happy.

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