Monday, 19 March 2007

thirty weeks

I am thirty weeks pregnant now. Just ten more weeks to go. Or, if this baby is anything like her brother who came out three weeks early, maybe even less. I feel like I'm racing against time, trying to put the house in order, grabbing every opportunity to sleep and put my feet up while I still can.

The role of spring cleaning supervisor does not suit me very well. I was getting frustrated yesterday as Simon went about cleaning the lounge, and all I could do was sit and watch him and tell him where to put things. I was itching to do the hoovering, but I wasn't even allowed to use the handheld vacuum cleaner, which Lucas appropriated for himself to hoover his room.

I miss baking and walking into town and visiting the craft shops. Sigh. I tried to do some gardening on Saturday, but my hips gave out after about an hour of weeding the vegetable patch and putting a few bulbs we kept from last year in the ground. Yesterday was Mother's Day, but I felt too frustrated and depressed to celebrate properly, so we just stayed home. It was nice spending the day with my boys anyway, and watching them have so much fun playing their rough games.

Oh, and despite a sunny start to the day, the temperature dropped yesterday afternoon and we had hail and sleet for about twenty minutes. The weather has turned absolutely mad. It's supposed to snow all over the country today, although you wouldn't think it right now, as it looks like a normal spring day. Lucas, however, is a firm believer in weather reports, so this morning, he decided to wrap himself in winter clothes, ready for the snow:

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