Monday, 30 April 2007

thirty-six weeks!

I've just reached the thirty-six week mark. Another week to go and Bump will be a full-term baby. Lucas was born just a day short of being one. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I really hope Bump decides to wait it out until the fortieth week, as Simon has a very important exam on the 23rd of May and I have to finish work, tidy up the garden, paint the cot, do my spring cleaning, finish the baby blanket and plant my container flowers before I can truly relax and go into labour.

This is going to be a busy week, as I have another physiotherapy session and a consultation with an obstetrician who will discuss my delivery options with me. There are MARC records to edit and a book to convert to electronic form. And then there's the book that I want to write, and every day the little nugget of desire grows bigger and I know that if I don't act on it soon, I'll start acting like a madwoman (which I do every other day anyway).

In the meantime, I keep myself entertained with books (Jonathan Franzen's Strong Motion, Jeanette Winterson's The World and Other Places), catching episodes of CSI (Simon and I are addicted to the series now—all three of them), and some cake making, such as this banana cake:

Right next to it is the Lindt easter bunny that is taking Lucas forever to finish. There's still a large chunk of it in our sweets bucket, despite mine and Simon's efforts to help Lucas out.

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Rebecca said...

hi joy! you have a lovely family :) and hindi raw domestic goddess - it looks like you're doing great!

i'd like to get to know bump (i gather that's no longer her name?) too, when you get around to posting about her. cheers!

- bhex