Wednesday, 4 June 2008

a lull

A month of hectic work timetables, stressful waiting-for-s-to-get-done-with-his-exam, and watching Sofia make her way to toddlerhood has passed. I've done a lot of data work and administrative stuff and evaluating other people's data problems and sorting out solutions for them, and now we've entered a quiet phase at work. I'm spending the week just going over old publications and sprucing them up a bit. I'll try and enjoy this because I know that in a week's time, it could all go mad again.

S took his exam a couple of weeks ago, and is now just waiting for the results. In the meantime, we're making up for lost time by spending more time together as a family.

We still haven't planned our summer holiday though. I think we'll concentrate on decorating the house first in time for the arrival of our new lounge furniture, which is this set from Furniture Village. Our friends' eyes widened when we told them we chose the set to come in brilliant white. Yes, you read it right. We might happen to have two small children, both known to be unable to resist smearing nice clean surfaces with mud, tomato sauce, milk, chocolate, crayons and paints, but we're not going to let that stop us from having brilliant white leather furniture. We've insured the set, just in case, and I'm psyching myself for a new house chore—cleaning the set at least once a week!

I'd like to paint the lounge walls a pale blue, to make it look nice and bright. S wants to make it even brighter by painting the walls off-white. I'm not sure about that; I don't really want the lounge to end up looking boring and antiseptic. I told S that if we were to go for white walls, we'd have to get some bright and bold accessories, but even after I showed him photos of an all-white room with bright green accessories, he said he'd still be happier with white walls. I don't know how else to convince him to go for pale blue instead.

As for the dining room, we're thinking of stripping the carpet off and replacing it with hardwood. Because we have a toddler who insists on feeding herself and ends every meal by throwing food on the floor (as far as her arms can reach, so the food lands on the carpet, not on the splash mat under her chair), our dining room carpet is extremely grubby. We could either invest in a Vax or just change the flooring to make it easier to clean up the little madam's mess.

Little miss mess maker grabs master mess maker's schoolbook because she thinks she's a better reader than he is

I'm also getting a tall and wide bookcase with glass doors to store my books, a cupboard to serve as our art cabinet (an idea from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule), and, if we manage to save enough money, a digital piano for Lucas. S and I think he's nearly ready for piano lessons, so we're thinking of signing him up for some lessons in the summer. I'm so excited for my boy, as I had always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument when I was a child, but my parents couldn't afford either a musical instrument or the lessons. S's parents were very musical, but did not teach their children to play music, so S feels sad about that. Hence, we're making up for what we didn't get by making sure our children have the option of learning music. And of course, Sofia will be taking ballet lessons too. (I've already asked around, and the ideal age to start is 3. Two long years to wait!) And S would like Lucas to take martial arts classes too. So yeah, our children will be busy. :)

Anyway, I must go back to work, and squeeze in some housework as well. (Can you tell that I'm working at home today?) We've had a lot of rain here in Cambridgeshire, but the sun has decided to come out and say hello today. Apparently, it will go into hiding again, and there'll be even more rain on Friday, when I have to be in the office. Ah, the British weather. No wonder the British people can't help but talk about it! :)

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