Thursday, 7 August 2008


It has been a good day so far. I've done some of the things on my long to-do list. I even managed to do things I wasn't expecting to do, like hang the wash on the line (the weather forecast said there'd be heavy showers, but it's actually quite sunny). There's banana cake cooking in the oven, presents that have been wrapped and are ready to be dropped off this evening, unwanted baby stuff put up for sale on eBay, letters posted, even some crocheting (presents for two little boys celebrating their birthdays next week) started.

Okay, ignore the unfinished sketch. That was something I did as part of my Morning Pages (from The Artist's Way, a great book that I've been struggling with for the past couple of years, which I blame on short attention span).

S has also been productive. He has been decorating the lounge since Sunday and is now in the painting phase. He finally decided to paint the walls blue, mainly because I wouldn't accept any of his colour suggestions, but on the condition that he be allowed to choose the colour for the dining room. Which I agreed to, of course, as long as I'm allowed to paint the dining room furniture white. Which is fine with him, as long as . . . you can tell that this won't end, can you?

But things are good right now, despite the feeling-under-the-weather-all-the-time that our family is going through and the long to-do lists. Things are getting done, we still find time to bake and make things, and right now I'm listening to Red House Painters, who, despite the sadness of their songs, always remind me of a wonderful time in my life spent with the most wonderful people I have ever known. Life is good.

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