Sunday, 14 September 2008

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To make up for the last two posts, let me tell you about something nice that someone did for me. My friend E, who lives all the way in Edinburgh, sent me a lovely little get-well package which I got in the post on Monday. It was a wonderful surprise and truly made my week. Inside the package were a little handmade monster softie, now christened Mr Mumu, a mix CD (!!! - I had not received a mix CD since 2001!) and a couple of Divine chocolates. It was the perfect present, something that only E would think up.

I found myself eating most of the milk chocolate on Thursday, which I felt a little guilty about, because I had intended to share it with Simon and the kids. To make up for this thoughtless act, I decided to use the dark chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies. Reading soulemama's post about The River Cottage Cookbook inspired me to get my copy out and try the choc chip cookie recipe. Yesterday afternoon, with Lucas and Simon out in Cambridge, and Sofia down for a nap, I decided it was the perfect time to bake the cookies. I had never made chocolate chip cookies before, so I was a bit apprehensive. I ended up with a rather tiny amount of batter, but the book assured me that the little dollops of cookie dough would spread in the baking process. And boy, did they spread! By the time they were cooked, they were a lot bigger than the cookies you get from Millie's.

The cookie batter

which produced these cookies (and four others)

The cookies were a big hit with the family. Despite their size, they had been gobbled up quickly. Simon said they were just perfect - slightly crispy on the edges, soft and chewy in the middle. Yum. I'm thinking of making another batch this week, although I might use milk chocolate this time. I love dark chocolate, but I think milk chocolate will give the cookies a creamier texture.

One happy cookie eater (she kept holding her bowl out and saying 'More?')

E, I wish I could send you some cookies, but I'm not sure if they'll stay fresh. Maybe when we meet up again, I can bring you some.

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