Sunday, 14 September 2008

someone else's right foot

I've always avoided writing about unpleasant things in this blog because I use it as part of my relaxation process, but after Simon sent me this link the other day, I feel I just have to write just once more about broken ankles and plaster casts. Reading this article just left me feeling really angry. First of all, was the hospital involved running low on plaster supplies that the orthopaedic staff could not even be bothered to take off the old man's cast, have a proper look at his leg and then replaster it? If he had been going to the hospital every day to complain about the pain, the least they could have done was take off the cast instead of just cutting a bloody slit on it! It's so easy to say it was a mistake and apologize to the victim, but we're talking about an 80-year-old man here, who is his wife's main carer. The last thing he needed was to become disabled because the people who were supposed to help him get better just didn't care.

This whole thing got me thinking about how lucky I was. The first time I complained about my heel hurting from my cast, the orthopaedic technician told me to go to the hospital straight away so she could take the cast off. And when the second cast still hurt, the consultant didn't hesitate to give me a removable brace. When I asked the technician what could have caused my foot to keep swelling up in the cast, she told me that there are some people who cannot tolerate plaster casts. I now know that she wasn't just being nice to me so I wouldn't feel like a wuss, because my foot is still badly bruised from where the cast rubbed against it, and the skin still looks awful. So, if it is a known fact that some people do not tolerate plaster casts, why did the staff at Fairfield Hospital refuse to listen to Mr Talks's complaints?

All I can say is, shame on you, people. I hope you lose your jobs and are never allowed back into the medical field to ruin other people's lives again.

Mr Mumu was as indignant as I was when he read the news item.

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