Friday, 24 October 2008

did i say i was trying to lose weight?

Because you see, when you find yourself with a few blocks of dark chocolate, a couple of eggs, a whole load of sugar and some cashew nuts . . .

. . . you get tempted into making this:

And yes, I ate a chunk as soon as it cooled down because, well, what else was I supposed to do when confronted with a big brownie tray?

mrs piggy speaks

I know I'm stressed when I start pigging out on food. Which is what I've been doing for the past week. I won't even describe to you what and how much I've been eating, it's just disgusting. I think I've stretched my stomach to twice its size now, so I'll need to watch my diet and do a lot of exercise in the run-up to Christmas. That way, I can eat as much as I like on Christmas day. Hee.

I normally don't obsess about my figure, but because I've been shopping for autumn/winter clothes for the family, I just can't help but be annoyed with myself for being too weak to control my appetite and ending up with unsightly bulges. Thank goodness it's the season for wearing layers of clothes, and tunics are in, so I've been buying those! I don't care if Simon teases me about wearing 'maternity tops', I just want to wear clothes that won't force me to suck my gut in all the time.

Speaking of clothes, I'm still beaming at my first successful sewing project—an elf costume for Lucas's 'magical day' at school last week. I went into panic mode when I saw the e-mail about the costume a week before the event, but I was determined not to buy him one as we had a bagful of old clothes waiting to be either recycled or donated to charity. A rummage through the bag produced two old T-shirts, a blue one and a red one, which I thought would be perfect for the costume. It took me a couple of days to finally decide how the costume would look, and I worked for about four hours on measuring, cutting, and sewing the whole thing. Here's the result:

It's not perfect, and there are things I would have done differently, but Lucas liked it, and it fit perfectly. I've been showing this off to my friends, who have all said nice things about it, so now I've ordered black fabric and interfacing to make a witch costume for Sofia and a vampire's cape for Lucas. I'm even thinking of making them bags for collecting sweets when they go trick-treating on Friday.

It's half-term next week and I'll be taking three days off work to spend time with the kids. Which means I probably won't have a lot of time on my own to sew the costumes, so I'll have to sneak in some sewing at night when they've gone to bed. Yikes. I hope that will give me enough time to finish the clothes before Friday!

Oh, and yay, I get to have a break on Monday evening as I'm off to watch Martha Wainwright at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Yay, I get to watch a real musician (by my standards anyway) this time, instead of crappy imitations that I always somehow get dragged to see. :)