Thursday, 18 December 2008

quick catch-up

Far too many things have happened since my last post. A lot of illnesses, peppered with meet-ups with friends, school-related activities and the pleasures of finding and wrapping Christmas presents, planning Christmas-related projects and spending more time with my kids. There are changes looming on the horizon, and I think I will be taking a really big step soon which is quite exciting but which scares me at the same time because right now I'm still not sure if it's the right thing to do. Maybe this Christmas I will get a sign that will tell me if it is.

For now, though, I shall limit myself to lists.

Things I'm enjoying right now

  • Go Slow England by Alastair Sawday. This is such a lovely, alluring book, inviting its reader to slow down and plan a journey to one of the places featured. The book is primarily about places to stay that promote the principle of 'Slow'. There are maps too that show where you can go on slow trips, enjoy slow activities and eat slow food. The pages are brimming with beautiful photographs. There are also some recipes given by the owners of the special places. The book just makes me want to sit down and plan a whole year of travelling to these places. And it also makes me want to work for Alastair Sawday Publishing because I don't know of any other publishing office that keeps pigs!

  • Hot chocolate and caramelised biscuits (the kind served with your coffee at cafés). Special thanks to my friend Crystal for letting me know that I can get caramelised biscuits from our local supermarket. They're terrific and best of all, they're cheap (63p for a pack)!

  • Sofia's speech. I had completely forgotten how delightful it is to hear a toddler learning to talk. I remember now how Lucas's attempts at complicated words would make me laugh hysterically, not out of meanness but just because he sounded so adorable saying those words. Now we're trying to get Sofia to say words like 'antibiotics'. She just comes up with the funniest expressions, such as when I switch off the lights and she goes, 'Oh, dark!' in a pretend scared voice.

  • Writing. I'm actually writing again. I don't know if anything good will come out of it but the fact that I have managed to write a few paragraphs without feeling overwhelmed makes me feel really good about myself.

  • Learning to play the guitar. It's painful and sometimes I still think I should have a childsize guitar instead, but I'm getting there.

Things I'm looking forward to

  • The children going ice skating. Lucas is going to try it on Sunday here with Simon and his friend Alexis. Then we'll take both of them probably after Christmas.

  • Christmas! Presents, Christmas lunch, an excuse to do nothing but have fun and eat!

I hope your Christmas will be wonderful and that you'll be surrounded by the people you love the most. Have a lovely time, everyone.