Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Some of these candles almost didn't get decorated, as the children were so busy playing in the snow in our back garden. Who can blame them? They hadn't seen this much snow before. Neither had the rest of the country in eighteen years.

They eventually came in from the cold, and after a nice hot bubble bath, got down to the business of getting the candles ready for our Candlemas celebration. We melted wax crayons, which they quickly dabbed on to the candles with wooden skewers and watercolour brushes.

We switched off all the lights and lit the candles at dinnertime. Sofia couldn't resist trying to blow the candles out after every mouthful of her dinner, but the candlelight put everyone in a good, almost-contemplative (it's hard to tell if this was true with Sofia) mood. It was cold and snowy outside, but warm inside our home. Just as it should be.

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