Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I thought I'd better post these photos from Valentine's Day before February ends. I had grand plans of putting up Valentine decorations all over the house, but in the end, I just made these Valentine thingies. I don't quite know what to call them as I followed a recipe for biscuits but the dough turned out so sticky that I couldn't roll it at all. I had to bake it as a cake then just cut out the heart shapes afterwards.

Sofia called them cakes (although the word came out as 'takes') though so I guess they were just that. Except that they weren't as soft and moist as normal cakes. I bought a few vials of Sugarcraft dusting colours on impulse while I was in town one day and used two of them (peach and blue) to colour the icing on the cakes.

These two biscuits take the prize for being the most 'Valentiney' things in our home. They were baked and iced by Sofia while she was at the childminders'. I have to admit, though, that they were so frighteningly red none of us dared eat them.

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