Friday, 13 March 2009

i was going to post about bread . . .

. . . but I watched 'American Idol' last night (we get it a day late here in the UK) and I'm still feeling blown away by Adam Lambert's performance. I never thought I'd ever get into watching something like 'American Idol' but as soon as I caught a glimpse of this really cute guy with the glam rock look and heard him sing (the voice, the range, the confidence!), I was hooked. More so when he spoke and my gaydar went off like mad, making me mutter 'Velvet Goldmine' over and over like a mantra.

Anyway, I'm so glad he's been doing really well. Even Simon (my husband, not Mr Cowell, although he was very impressed too) liked his rendition of 'Black and White' last night. I'm in full fag hag mode again. I just love it whenever I find a beautiful, talented gay man to obsess with admire.

Here's a clip I found on YouTube of a number from 'The Ten Commandments the Musical' (with Val Kilmer playing Moses! No, he's not a great singer, but he had a good supporting cast). Adam must have lungs of steel; how he can sustain those high notes is a mystery to me. Yumminess.

I'll go back to regular programming and write about bread (my first attempt at baking brioche) in my next post.

Monday, 2 March 2009

spring comes at last

There's no denying it. Everywhere we go there are tiny colourful things that remind us that spring is here. A group of crocuses here, a bunch of daffodils there. The birdsongs that we wake up to in the morning are more varied and energetic.

We marked the beginning of spring by adding a den and a slide to the children's climbing frame in the garden. I also bought some new bulbs to put in the ground. The children have been enjoying the den and slide and Simon and I have been enjoying the flowers coming out in our garden.

Today the sun is out and despite my still recovering from a tummy bug (no, I didn't get it from eating at the Fat Duck), I actually feel happy and hopeful.

Things I'm enjoying:

  • Planning which plants are going this year into our garden—Garlic and onions are definitely on the list for the vegetable patch. I've promised Simon that I will just go for hardy perennials for the flowers from now on - no more delicate, frost-sensitive tubers like the dahlias I bought two years ago!
  • Reading The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  • Spending a lot of time doing girly things with my little girl—Sofia loves playing rough games with the boys, but she equally loves more sedate activities such as window shopping, going through my cosmetics bag and spraying on three different perfumes on herself, rummaging through my fabrics and yarns and sitting down on my lap for a long reading session (she's still crazy about Miffy, Eric Carle and the Ahlbergs' baby books, but is now beginning to enjoy the Elsa Beskow books I bought for her).
  • Watching the wonderful BBC series The Victorians—Presented by the no-nonsense news presenter Jeremy Paxman, the four-part series takes a close look at life in the Victorian age. Throughout each episode Mr Paxman, a Victorian art lover, relates important events to paintings that had come out at the same time.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • Reading Watchmen— I thought I'd better read it before it gets murdered on screen. Poor Alan Moore. His books are so great that every filmmaker out there just wants to make them into films. But so far, none of them have succeeded in making films that are worthy of the books. In fact, the film versions have all been utter failures.
  • Finishing the bunting that I'm making for Sofia's room.
  • Working on a series of watercolour pictures. More on that later.
  • Easter—Mainly because I stopped eating chocolate for Lent. Simon totally forgot and bought me a box of truffles from Hotel Chocolat last Saturday. And now I have to fight the urge every day (more like every hour, really) to just open the box and sneak a piece out. Sigh.