Thursday, 30 July 2009

“I have been laid up with intentional flu.”-samuel goldwin

Nothing intentional about this bug that I've got. I've lost my voice and have been sniffing and snuffling for more than a few days now. I had grand plans of doing potato printing today with the kids, but I was exhausted and nauseous before it was even 10 a.m. so it was back to sitting down and resting for me.

Oh, and yes, thanks to the weather forecast that I always rely on, my wash is soaking on the line right now because hey, instead of the sunny intervals throughout the day that we were promised, we are being rained down with hail. Argh.

So anyway, I hope your week has been better than mine. I'll come back when I'm not so ill and grumpy.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

a little bit of tote-fulness*

Just before school broke up for the summer, I decided to give Lucas's teachers handmade presents. Given that I had no means to bake cakes nor time to crochet some nice useful things, I was forced to rely on my crude sewing skills (and by sewing skills, I mean on the sewing machine, because I can sew by hand quite well). Hence, these little tote bags:

Each bag is just the right size to put a wallet, a small notebook and little toiletries in, and there's a pocket just big enough for a small mobile. Or some pens. Or a compact mirror. Or Post-its. See, the possibilities are endless.

I loved the fabric that I used as lining. It's so colourful and feminine. I have some left over which I'm planning to make into a skirt or a dress for Sofia.

I put a little bag of bath bombs and Lucas's handmade thank-you card in each bag. The boy was pleased with the results (he was a slave driver, reminding me every chance he got to finish the bags already please!).

I made four in two days. Yes, that's how slow I am. I could tell you about how the bobbin threader kept acting up and the needle thread kept breaking and how I had to do an unscheduled clean-up of the machine to get it going, but I'd rather not. The bags turned out well and the teachers said they loved the bags and the thoughtfulness that went into making them.

*I hate puns, but I couldn't resist this one.**

**I hate puns because they remind me of tabloid headlines and I hate tabloids.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

a prayer for cory

A prayer for a woman who showed dignity in grief and in victory and united and led a long-suffering nation in its fight against an evil regime. Get well soon, Mrs Aquino.

Friday, 17 July 2009

today is my favourite day

I couldn't find the Electric Company clip on YouTube with Julie singing 'Today Is My Favourite Day' (because it was her birthday, see) so I'm feeling a bit disappointed. I found this one though, which is my second favourite song from the show.

Remember this, Ate Ne and Ate Lenie? My Ate Lenie used to do a good imitation of Rita Moreno. Those were the days, hey?

And this clip shows why Morgan Freeman has been my hero ever since I was a child. He was ├╝ber-cool even then.

I miss The Electric Company and Sesame Street. They just don't make shows like those two anymore.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

a no-bake summer

Our oven has committed suicide, just when the summer holiday is about to begin. We think we can still revive it, we just don't feel like doing it right now. S and I have such hectic work schedules all through the summer that just the thought of having to move the darn heavy oven out of its cabinet and back in again is enough to make us groan in dread.

No oven means no baking, of course, so we've had to resort to grilling food that normally gets cooked in the oven. Does anybody have any recipe for grilled cakes? I am missing baking so badly these days and I'm sure the kids will soon notice that they've been having store-bought cakes and cookies lately. Ah well.

At least I have these to console me every day.

The lilies are in full bloom now. They are so elegant and beautiful I feel like crying 'I'm not worthy!' whenever I look out from my kitchen window and get rewarded with the sight of them. We also have cascading begonias, coreopsis and geums coming out. Unfortunately, the lupins and red hot pokers that I planted in May aren't doing as well. It was my fault, as I keep forgetting how tall the hollyhocks and the peonies grow, so they eventually dwarfed the young lupins and pokers. Sigh. They're still alive, though, so I'm still hopeful.

Edit: I just have to state that the beautiful photos (and most of the nicer photos in this blog) were taken by Simon, the official photographer of our family.