Thursday, 9 July 2009

a no-bake summer

Our oven has committed suicide, just when the summer holiday is about to begin. We think we can still revive it, we just don't feel like doing it right now. S and I have such hectic work schedules all through the summer that just the thought of having to move the darn heavy oven out of its cabinet and back in again is enough to make us groan in dread.

No oven means no baking, of course, so we've had to resort to grilling food that normally gets cooked in the oven. Does anybody have any recipe for grilled cakes? I am missing baking so badly these days and I'm sure the kids will soon notice that they've been having store-bought cakes and cookies lately. Ah well.

At least I have these to console me every day.

The lilies are in full bloom now. They are so elegant and beautiful I feel like crying 'I'm not worthy!' whenever I look out from my kitchen window and get rewarded with the sight of them. We also have cascading begonias, coreopsis and geums coming out. Unfortunately, the lupins and red hot pokers that I planted in May aren't doing as well. It was my fault, as I keep forgetting how tall the hollyhocks and the peonies grow, so they eventually dwarfed the young lupins and pokers. Sigh. They're still alive, though, so I'm still hopeful.

Edit: I just have to state that the beautiful photos (and most of the nicer photos in this blog) were taken by Simon, the official photographer of our family.

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