Friday, 17 July 2009

today is my favourite day

I couldn't find the Electric Company clip on YouTube with Julie singing 'Today Is My Favourite Day' (because it was her birthday, see) so I'm feeling a bit disappointed. I found this one though, which is my second favourite song from the show.

Remember this, Ate Ne and Ate Lenie? My Ate Lenie used to do a good imitation of Rita Moreno. Those were the days, hey?

And this clip shows why Morgan Freeman has been my hero ever since I was a child. He was ├╝ber-cool even then.

I miss The Electric Company and Sesame Street. They just don't make shows like those two anymore.

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letty panem said...

yes, those were the days. but i can't recall your ate lenie imitating rita. i guess, this is a sign of you know what...he, he, he...God bless everyone! miss you all!!