Thursday, 28 January 2010

one a day

This is my post-New Year resolution: to make something each day. That something can be a picture, a sewing or crochet project, or even a cake. Anything that can be made with my own fair hands.

I started yesterday.

I sketched this from an unsuccessful attempt to get Sofia to pose for a proper portrait just before Christmas. She refused to smile and just stared sullenly at me as the photographer kept trying to persuade her to smile. I bought a copy anyway because I thought she looked cute even if she was glum (and also because I felt obliged to, having wasted fifteen minutes of the photographer's time with my uncooperative little one).

This is today's one a day:

I had a quick search through old photographs to see how Lucas looked when he was the same age as Sofia is now. I can't remember him being this young and sweet. He's lost the baby fat now, and would definitely not be caught dead making cute faces at the camera anymore.

An extra thing for today:

Banana chocolate cake, with walnuts. Made with the help of my able assistant, whom I had to stop from mixing all the ingredients at once, but whose cheerful demeanor and excited shrieks when the oven bell rang after the cake was done totally made my day.

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