Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy hearts

To be frank, I didn't feel like doing anything to celebrate Valentine's Day today. For one thing, I harbour an animosity towards anything that's highly commercialised, especially in these times when so many people are having to do without. For another, Sofia had an accident on Friday which led to a lot of tears and a visit to A&E. Thankfully, she didn't need any stitches, but she has quite a nasty rip on her upper lip which means no rigorous activities for her for the next few days. Sofia not doing rigorous activities would be like the sun not being hot. Or something like that. My brain's not working very well right now.

Anyway, this little girl who can turn listening to music into a major head-banging event is now under strict orders to not even consider jumping or running or spinning around (the very activity that led to her splitting her lip open). It's quite funny seeing how her restlessness builds up as she watches a film or does painting or some other gentle activity. She somehow starts bouncing on her chair. Before long, she's sitting on the armrest, or has somehow slid across it, her legs dangling in the air. Or you just find her standing on the chair, squeezing in a jump or two when she thinks nobody's looking.

This morning, I left her and Lucas for a few minutes painting Lucas's junk modelling project. When I came back, she had somehow covered the crafting table and herself in green paint. The little rascal. :)

We decided to bake some cupcakes this afternoon because, as it turns out, today is Hissy's birthday, according to Lucas. Hissy is Lucas's beanie snake, a member of the family long before Lucas came along. We couldn't not celebrate, could we? So out came the heart-shaped cupcake cases, and into them we poured our double chocolate cupcake batter.

And we got these:

And here are the kids with the birthday boy. Notice the little girl about to sneak a cupcake away. She kept holding on to it until I finished taking their photos. If you look closely, you'll see the dark mark on her upper lip. Two days ago, it looked as if part of her lip was about to fall off, but now it has sealed up beautifully. Just a few more days, little one, and we can do some runningjumpingspinningaround again.

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