Thursday, 26 August 2010

last post for now

This is definitely my last post for the day. I will try and post more frequently but with the kids going back to school next week, I'm not really sure how much time I'll have for blogging. I do hope I can still make time for it because I do enjoy it.

Anyway, let me just rave about my new favourite artist, Katie Green. I chanced upon her when I was looking through the contributions to the Flickr group What I Wore Today (which is brilliant by the way so go visit it!). A couple of pictures caught my attention, which made me curious about the artist, which then led me to Katie's blog. I was so blown away by this amazing girl and her charming pictures that I spent a few days reading her blog from the very beginning. There's so much in her life story that resonates with my own (this deserves a separate post which I shall write later)  that I just wanted to go out and find her and give her a big hug just for being. 

She has just returned from a trip to the US and as soon as she re-opened her Etsy shop, I ordered the two latest issues of her zine, The Green Bean. I can't wait for them to arrive in the post!

As a parting shot, here's something I drew today in my brand new journal (Tim Burton's Tragic Thoughts Light-Up Journal—I know, it's not a Moleskine, but it does have pretty LED lights!):

And here's a potential entry to What I Wore Today. I wore this today when I took the kids to the local playbarn. We spent over four hours there today, which was fine with me because I got to read, take notes and draw! I'd love to join What I Wore but I fear I don't wear very interesting clothes on a regular basis. I tend to be most comfortable in old jeans and tops that can sustain assaults from my messy kids but I don't think other people would be interested in seeing those outfits. :)

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