Thursday, 26 August 2010

this summer

Wow, this summer has flown by! It has been a challenging one for us, but I can't say that we didn't have fun.

We had to cancel all our holiday plans because of Simon's knee injury. It got worse over the last month of so, which made driving long distances a no-no for him. I'm afraid that my driving skills are still laughable, so I haven't dared drive the family anywhere just yet.

Hence, we've spent a lot of time at home. I wish I could say that we have managed to completely declutter and do all the chores we've been meaning to do (redesign the front garden and back garden, clean out the garage and put in a proper storage system, clear out the loft, finish decorating the lounge and dining room, you get the idea), but alas, nothing of that sort happened. We did manage to get someone to clean our gutters and repaint our fascias, so that's one item off our very long to-do list.

What we've been pouring a lot of energy into is a bunch of little rodents that have taken up residence in our house. We have twelve very cute fancy mice (we started out with four and they've multiplied since!) and two lovely furry rabbits. I don't know what got into us but we just decided on Father's Day that we would get mice and rabbits. Simon wanted to breed mice and I wanted to cuddle rabbits. Well, S got his wish. Unfortunately for me, we somehow managed to get the only two rabbits in the world who do not like being cuddled.

This is Milly, the alpha female wabbit who likes to show who's boss and nibbles anything she can grab.

Don't be deceived by Molly's cuteness. She's very good at jumping out of reach when you try and catch her.

Mousy and Cow are two of our first females.

We haven't really been spending all our days looking after our pets. We've also been doing a lot of playing inside the house

The kids with their new set of blocks - bought especially for rainy summer days.

and out.

   I just had to include this photo of Molly because she has this funny
habit of hiding under the kids' climbing frame whenever they're in the garden.

And of course, we've been doing a lot of baking too!

A big loaf of banana bread and lots of chocolate chip fairy cakes. Yum!

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