Thursday, 26 August 2010

what i've been doing

Can you tell that I'm trying to make up for my blogging hiatus? I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking and planning lately. There are a few changes in the horizon for our family, so I'm doing my best to prepare for them. Change is good, as they say, and so far, all the changes we've gone through have turned out to be good for our family.

Anyway, all the thinking and reading and planning seem to be leading me in one direction: making a living out of what I love the most—illustrating and writing. These past few weeks, I've been assessing my knowledge and skills, making lists of things I know I'm capable of doing, skills I need to improve, new skills I need to learn. It sounds pretty boring, but to me it has been a period of discovery and excitement, so much so that I've been staying up scribbling in my journal, setting goals, making timetables and to-do lists, writing down ideas for stories and pictures, doing sketches, and checking out artists' blogs and design websites. These are crazy times in my head. I'm so glad that this is all happening while school's out because I know I won't be able to maintain this momentum once the kids are back in school.

To convince myself that I'm not delusional about my goals, I've been posting some of my illustrations on Facebook, just to see how people will react to them. So far, I've had a lot of positive feedback. Right now, I'm working on my postcard girls series. Most of the girls in this series are based on women I know and admire. I made my very first one a couple of years ago. I drew her for my best friend Det and based her on Det's favourite comic book character, Death from The Sandman. This girl is called Didi (Death's human incarnation in The High Cost of Living).

Patricia, based on my favourite teacher

Sophie, who looks a lot like Sofia

Rosa, a girl who loves unusual flowers
This girl doesn't have a name yet. She's a product of my playing with my new rolls of washi tape.

Heather, a sophisticated girl who loves to dress up

I'll do proper scans of my girls and decide on the best background for each. I'm hoping to have them printed out as postcards next month. I still haven't decided whether to open an Etsy shop or not. I guess the best thing about Etsy is the amount of potential exposure one gets by selling there. I'll announce my decision once I actually have something to sell, so watch this space!

I have many more projects in mind. I've started writing a short story, apart from *the* book that I've been meaning to write and for which I have written so many versions of the first part. There's a lot of work involved, I know, but I'm really excited and happy right now.

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