Wednesday, 1 September 2010

happiness is . . .

. . . the postman carrying little parcels for me!

My copies of Katie Green's Green Bean issues 3 and 4 have arrived! With a lovely little note from Katie! And a print of one of her balloon paintings! (I know I'm squealing, but please bear with me—I'm excited.)

I've just had a quick look at the zines and oh, they look so scrumptious with lots of Katie's lovely drawings and charming prose. And they smell nice too. Yes, I love smelling paper, I'm weird like that.

I need to make sure to keep them away from Sofia though. She'll probably think they're colouring books for her and I know she wouldn't be able to resist colouring in the pretty pictures. She has already found my copy of Mio Matsumoto's My Diary and declared that it's a good book for writing and colouring in! Good thing I saw her holding the book with one hand and a shiny green pen with the other and managed to stop her just in time.

Here's the cute balloon print. It will definitely go in a frame and hung somewhere in our study where I can look at it and be inspired while I'm working.

And just to make my morning brighter, another little parcel came through my letterbox: a few new Prismacolor pencils, to add to my ever-growing collection. There are a couple of autumnal colours in here so expect some autumn-themed pictures soon.

I woke up this morning with an idea for Christmas goodies to make and possibly sell. I'll have to see if the materials are available here, as my goodies are inspired by how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. I'll post a prototype once it's completed.

Now, on to some housework and playtime with the kids. Lucas goes back to school tomorrow; Sofia, on Friday. I'll miss my babies, but I'm glad we'll be settling into a routine again where we don't spend every hour of the day with each other. Let's face it, the kids are lovely and fun to be with, but they do wear me out sometimes!

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Katie Green said...

Ooooh just found you here :) So glad you liked your Green Beans, and it makes me SO happy that you smelled them. I chose the paper for my graphic novel today and the smell was a vital consideration!