Monday, 17 January 2011

No day but today*

I have but one resolution for the new year: To do what I'd like to do today.

I've had a long list of things I've been telling myself I'll try and do someday, but I thought long and hard about this list over the holidays and realised that most of those things I could start doing now.

I had been planning to sell prints of my artwork for a long time, but kept telling myself I didn't have enough capital, nobody would be interested, the market was already saturated, I wouldn't have the time to find a good printer, get the pictures ready for printing and then market them. Last week, while nursing Lucas who was down with a viral infection, I sneaked in some time to just sit down and digitize some of my favourite pictures. Now, my kokeshi pictures are ready to be printed off, and I'm just finishing work on the postcard girls. I have also started a new series of pictures which I'm aiming to finish just in time for the Chinese New Year. I've signed up to open an Etsy shop, and if all goes well, the shop will be open in two weeks.

One other thing that I kept putting off was doing volunteer work for a charity. I always thought I would have to wait until the kids are old enough so I could spend a few hours a week working at a charity shop or organising bake sales for a cause. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was doing a bit of web browsing when I found a project based at the University of Cambridge that was in dire need of volunteers to provide admin support and web development work, both of which can be done remotely. I contacted the project director and now, I am doing research and social media marketing for the project.

Events of late have proven to me that if you want to do something, it's best to do it today. Seize the moment when it comes. Don't wait for the right time or the right opportunity to come. If you want your dreams to come true, act on them today. Little by little (or maybe even in leaps and bounds), they will come true.

This is why, despite the latter part of 2010 having been quite dismal for me, today I am happy and looking forward to whatever blessings and challenges 2011 might bring.

I can't wait to see the magical things these two will come up with this year!

*Once again, I've turned to the Rent soundtrack for inspiration. This has got to be one of my favourite musicals of all time, mainly because of 'Seasons of Love' and 'Another Day' (where the title of this post came from).


Ophelia_was said...

Good on you for getting on with your prints and your charity work. Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop. I need to make one of those "someday" lists too. I think we both need to write "Learn to ride a bike" on ours!

Alex said...

A very inspiring post. Look forward to having a browse in your shop...Good luck!

JD said...

Thanks, Adele. Riding a bike--yes, that's definitely on my list, but the memory of stumbling and falling off a bike while trying to ride it in front of my children is still too fresh in my mind. Argh, the humiliation.

JD said...

Thank you very much, Alex! I'll post a link to the shop once it's open. :)