Saturday, 29 October 2011

And a happy Halloween to you

Half-term is nearly over. Unfortunately, we've been hit hard by a nasty bug. It has been so bad that S now walks around the house with a bottle of Milton, threatening to sterilise everything that catches his eye. Sofia had been hit the hardest, going down with a high fever and complaining of tummy pains for two days. That means hardly any sleep for me as even now, she still wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming for her mama.

Still, one must go on especially with Halloween coming up. Lucas has decided that he will dress up as the Grim Reaper this year. Luckily we still have the vampire cape that he used two years ago which I am now making into a hooded cloak. It won't take long to do but I'm working intuitively here as I don't have a pattern to work from.

I'm feeling a lot more confident these days when it comes to my sewing ability. I still struggle to sew curved seams, but at least I can now finish a project without shedding tears.

When I finish Lucas's cloak, I'll be making dolls—lots of them. I finished my first one earlier this week to give as a birthday present to one of Sofia's friends. Here she is:

I also made an apron to put her in but forgot to take a photo before I wrapped her. Doh. The pattern is from this wonderful book by Hillary Lang. There are a few more patterns from this book I'd like to try. I also have ideas for my own patterns that I'm eager to try soon. If they work, you'll be seeing them in my Etsy shop!

Anyway, I hope I can post again soon as we had a bit of an adventure earlier this month that I'd love to share with you. In the meantime, have a lovely, happy, fun-filled Halloween!

Summer and all the time that's gone

On a visit to a skydiving centre

Has it really been almost four months since I last posted here? I apologise for the long absence. Our family had been—and still are—on a roller coaster ride of all sorts of upheavals and health problems.

Our summer was punctuated by hospital appointments and surgery, and some life-changing decisions that needed to be made. We still managed to have a lot of fun. There were trips to the seaside, visits to parks and playgrounds, learning and playing activities at our local leisure centre, friends' birthday parties, plenty of cakes and pastries baked, and a lot of cycling for Lucas and scooting for Sofia.

Lucas on a climbing course

Sofia after a day at a preschoolers' fair

Enjoying fish and chips at Hunstanton

Lucas's favourite seaside activity--building and destroying little forts

Scooting around Anglesey Abbey

There was even the discovery of a hitherto unseen playground a few minutes' drive from where we live.

These days our time is taken up by school and after-school activities. There are a few things that are causing a lot of stress for us, but as long as we can still play and laugh out loud together, I do believe we'll be just fine.

And always, there are the moments of quiet when the children are sitting down, happily drawing and painting or enjoying their books. I love these moments.

A rare moment outdoors -- the kids sitting down to sketch the flowers in one of the gardens in  Anglesey Abbey