Thursday, 16 February 2012

Handmade Pressies!

Half-term is almost over. I can't believe how time has flown! I guess it's because I haven't really had a lot of time to relax this week. Things were quite hectic in the run-up to half-term, and this week, I've been working and preparing for a new feature in my other blog.

Anyway, one of Sofia's friends celebrated her fourth birthday on Saturday. Sofia has somehow managed to get it in her head that all her close friends will get only handmade gifts this year. It was definitely easy for her to decide, as of course, it's Mummy who has to do all the making! I decided to humour her on this occasion seeing as it was almost half-term and I would at least have a day to plan and make the present. Here's the present I came up with:

A colourful little tote just big enough for a little girl's favourite things to take along with her!

And into the bag went this little amigurumi bear.

There's a pocket in the bag with a few slots for pencils or crayons.

Here's Sofia's handmade card:

And here she is at the party. She had fun watching a magician/puppeteer and had a very filling lunch afterwards!

We met up with the birthday girl a few days later and were told that she loved her bag and teddy. Whew! What a relief, and what a lovely feeling when something you made is a hit with the recipient. :)


Patricia said...

Even I would love those! Bravo, Joy!

JD said...

Aw, thanks a lot, Ms Pat! Who knows, you might get something similar in post one of these days. :)