Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Grafham Water story

One day, Prince Lucas and Princess Sofia went out for a leisurely walk on the palace grounds.

Suddenly, a swarm of flying creatures descended on them. Their warrior instincts told them that these were sent by the evil Emperor Dukestar.

Unfazed by the approaching army, the young royals stood calmly, as their training since birth in the way of the ninja had taught them to do. It was time to put their magnificent weapons to use.

The Emperor's soldiers hardly knew what hit them, so swift and precise were the strokes the prince and princess made with their swords.

Before long, the few that were left of the Emperor's army had scrambled desperately back to their master, who of course was unhappy that his attempt to take over the kingdom of Watfordia had once again been thwarted.

The people of Watfordia celebrated yet another victory of good over evil by flying the magical W Kite, which scatters seeds of abundance and good health in every place over which it flies.

For the brave prince and princess, it was just another adventure-filled day. Many more lie ahead of them, as they continue their fight against every darkness that threatens their wonderful kingdom.

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